I was born in Stockport and  grew up in Bredbury and Romiley where I attended local Schools and then College. Thereafter I became employed in a wide variety of jobs including being a police officer, a professional yachtmaster, and even a bedroom steward aboard a cruise liner, circumnavigating the world twice in my endless desire to experience new and exciting things, and to visit the kind of exotic places about which I had only ever dreamt.

In 1971 I settled in Bournemouth and one year later met my future wife Jay.  We married in 1974, and we are now the proud parents of Iain and Nicola, who married Catherine and Alan, and the exceptionally delighted grandparents of Eleanor, Francesca, Vincent and Sebastian.

In 2006, having run my own businesses for years, I decided to write a novel based on the real-life exploits of my great great aunt Maria Clegg who fought for twenty years from 1850 to 1870, to reclaim an estate in the north of England. An estate that she believed, once belonged to the Clegg family.  

Years of learning, re-writes, editing, and rejections followed until on the 28th May 2012, Maria’s Papers was published by the London publishing house, Austin Macauley Ltd.  And what a fantastic journey it was. The simple act of writing the story resulted in me meeting Steve Robitaille, a four-times Emmy Award film producer who encouraged me to get it published, and who has produced a film script for it too!  Since then Maria’s Papers was nominated for the prestigious Desmond Elliott Prize 2013, and shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize Summer 2013,  and the sequel, The Matthew Chance Legacy, became a finalist in The People’s Book Prize 2013/14!  My third novel, The Emergence of Malaterre was released in April 2014 and attracted some very favourable reviews, my fourth, The Fire of Mars was published on the 30th January 2015 and my latest The Hallenbeck Echo was released in February 2017. Now in September 2018 my sixth novel in the series named The Monkshead Conspiracy is with my publishers for assessment, and I’m writing a seventh named The Culvert .

It shows, – if you have a dream, believe in yourself, learn what you need to achieve your goal, and never, ever, give up. I am still utilising the characters and experiences from my past and writing them into the continuing stories about historic researcher Naomi Wilkes and her intrepid bunch of friends and allies, as they become embroiled in ever-more intriguing mysteries and danger.

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