The above article was published on the 21st July 2018 reporting my journey through the novel writing experience, commencing with my Maria’s Papers that was based on a true story that started over 250 years ago in the north of England!

Additionally, I’m delighted to announce that I have now submitted a sixth novel, The Monkshead Conspiracy to my publishers, and that I am currently writing a seventh in this series.

All of my novels are available to purchase online, in paperback or as eBooks and can be ordered from your local library.

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My fifth novel The Hallenbeck Echo was published on the 28th February 2017 and is available to order now at amazon and at Austin Macauley Publishers by clicking on the links!


Thank you to everybody at the wonderful Historic Fiction Connection! Not only for providing such an interesting and informative website for readers and writers, but for publishing an article on my Fire of Mars. The link to it is here

The Fire Of Mars can be ordered from all major bookstores, and internet suppliers. It can also be borrowed from your local public library. If you’d like to buy it from Amazon, the link is here

The link is here.

I thank everybody who orders it, and I’d love to have any feedback or comments.

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 This photo was taken of Jay and me at The People’s Book Prize Awards Ceremony 2013/14.


What an honour it was to be a finalist, with my ‘The Matthew Chance Legacy’ thanks to all of my friends, family, supporters, readers, and of course my publishers!


My third novel… 

The Emergence of Malaterre


…was released on the 30th of April 2014, and here are some reviews taken from the website – 

“I have avidly been awaiting this third book from Stephen F. Clegg. It doesn’t disappoint!! It was gripping, the story line was expertly written and I was sad that it had to end. This is his third book and I hope it doesn’t stop there…Excellent!!”
“Another fantastic book! This book had me gripped from start to finish with twists and turns so cleverly coming together throughout the book. I have become so attached to each character from the 1st book ‘Maria’s Papers’ that I even shed a tear or too. I cant wait for number 4!! Its going to be a thoroughly long wait!! Well done again Mr Clegg!!”
“Great 3rd book by Mr Clegg, keeps the story flowing, could not put the book down. Just an amazing book looking forward to number 4. Keep up the good work.” 

 It can be ordered  from, from all of the High Street, and mainstream bookshops, the varied and increasingly numerous eBook sites, (Smashwords, Scrib’d etc), and also my publishers Austin Macauley,  It can be ordered by title or by quoting ISBN 97818 4963 8258. And for those who prefer to borrow it, it can be ordered from your local library.

**For all of my American friends and readers, I am delighted to announce that my books are available in either paperback or eBook from Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart.